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Rie Hedegaard is a first mover within her field of work, and she has been working professionally with casting since 1984.

Recent productions include Danish National TV (DR) series “FOLLOW THE MONEY” (BEDRAG) and season 1 & 2 of  “HERRENS VEJE - Rides upon the Storm".

During spring 2019, Rie is working on the first Danish-produced HBO Nordic series.


Rie Hedegaard was deeply involved throughout the Dogme-film period in the mid 90's, and she was the casting director of Thomas Vinterbergs, “FESTEN”,       

Lars von Triers, “THE IDIOTS”, among many others.

In her career, she has maintained a close working relationship with filmdirectors such as Lars von Trier, O.C. Madsen, Per Fly, Thomas Vinterberg, Christoffer Boe and Anders Thomas Jensen. The recent years, Rie has been working with several other successful film directors, such as; Kaspar Munk, Hlynur Pálmason, Fenar Armad, Isabella Eklöf, Louise Friedberg, Jacob Bitch and Anders Mathessen.


In connection with the Berlin Film Festival in 2005, Rie was invited by the Danish Film Institute to become a co-founder of the ICDN, the International Casting Director Netvork, which currently includes 25 countries.

In 2016 she was a jury member of Berlin Film Festival's “Shooting Star” category.


Rie has been teaching internationally on various masterclasses, e.g. together with Stephen Frears.


Rie is an experienced and well-respected teacher and since 2002 she has been associated with the Danish national theater schools as a teacher working with casting. (Primarily with the graduates).



From my point of view the set-up between the casting director and actor is a “meeting place”, because that is what it is: A meeting between two people who in co-operation must add body, voice and energy to the director’s ideas about the character.

For many years now I have been preoccupied with making good and meaningful stories come alive, and even been so lucky that the most wonderful manuscripts, for both film and TV, have found their way to my desk. My passionate preoccupation with the individual project, combined with great commitment and a practical prospective approach, is probably my biggest strength.

I always solve one assignment at the time and therefore never work on several different projects at the same time. That way I maintain focus and sharpness towards the challenge at hand.



I see myself as “the scout in the field”. I find my inspiration by staying up to date with the national theatre scene.

The stage remains the true nesting place of the actors, and in our country the stage is, regardless of size and location, a window out to all of us who enjoy seeing actors at work.

I am also to be found in the environments setting background for the more contemporary social realistic films such as Per Fly’s trilogy, “Bænken”, Thomas Vinterbergs “Submarino”.

The diverse myriad across ethnicity is a must, and in general the interpersonal contact, the dialogue is the basis for the authentication we are thriving to reproduce in all the wonderful stories.


Areas of competence:

FILM, TV  (fiction, documentary, entertainment), TRAINING


Training references:

The National Film School of Denmark, director students

The Danish National School of Theatre -

Odense and Århus

Danish Actors' Association


Relevant memberships:

ICDN (International Casting Directors Network)


European Film Academy

The Berlin International Film Festival, Talent Campus




Prices follow FAF's agreements at the minimum, and are otherwise negotiable.


DEN GODE STEMNING 8 eps ( Kaspar Munk 2022 )

CHOSEN 10 eps Netflix ( Kaspar Munk 2022)

KRAG & VIRKNER 4 eps DR ( Thure Lindhardt 2022 )

FORHØRET III (Christoffer Boe 2021)

VENUSEFFEKTEN ( Anna Emma Haudal 2021)

KAMIKAZE HBO (Kaspar Munk 2021)

SMAGEN AF SULT ( Christoffer Boe 2021)

VANSKABTE LAND ( Hlynur Pálmason 2021)

DEATH OF FRIENDS ( Friedemann Fromm, ZDF, DR 2021)

FORHØRET II ( Christoffer Boe 2021)

( Anna Emma Haudal sæs 1 + 2 + 3 / 2019, 2020, 2021)

KRUDTTØNDEN (O.C Madsen 2019)

EROBREREN (Per Fly 2019)

FORHØRET Sæson 1 ( Christoffer Boe 2019)


VALHALLA 2 (Fenar Ahmed 2018)


(DR Konceptuerende instruktør, Kaspar Munk 2017/18)



KRIGER 6 afs. (TV2 Christoffer Boe 2017)


HOLIDAY (Instruktør Isabella Eklöf 2017)


AMINA´S BREVE (Jacob Bitch 2017)


BEDRAG 10 + 10 afs (DR, konceptuerende instruktør, Per Fly 2016)


MÆND & HØNS (Anders Thomas Jensen, 2015)


STEPPEULVEN (Ole Christian Madsen, 2015)


WINTER BROTHERS (Hlynur Pálmason, 2015)


KVINDEN I BURET (Mikkel Nørgaard, 2013)


SPIES & GLISTRUP (Christoffer Boe, 2013)


EN MALER (Hlynur Pálmason, 2013)


MIRAKLET (Simon Staho, 2012)


SUPERCLÀSICO (Ole Christian Madsen, 2011)


SUBMARINO (Thomas Vinterberg, 2010)


LABRADOR (Frederikke Aspöck, 2010)


ALTING BLIVER GODT IGEN (Christoffer Boe, 2010)


FLUGTEN (Kathrine Windfeld, 2009)


SORTE KUGLER (Anders Matthesen, 2009)


FÅR (Frederikke Aspöck, 2009)


CAMPING (Jacob Bitsch, 2009)


FLAMMEN & CITRONEN (Ole Christian Madsen, 2008)


DET SOM INGEN VED (Søren Kragh-Jacobsen, 2008)




DE UNGE ÅR (Jacob Thuesen, 2007)


PRAG (Ole Christian Madsen, 2006)


NORDKRAFT (Ole Christian Madsen, 2005)


DRABET (Per Fly, 2005)


ARVEN (Per Fly, 2003)


SMÅ ULYKKER (Annette K. Olesen, 2002)


ET RIGTIGT MENNESKE (Åke Sandgren, 2001)


EN KÆRLIGHEDSHISTORIE (Ole Christian Madsen, 2001)


DANCER IN THE DARK (Lars von Trier, 2000)


BÆNKEN (Per Fly, 2000)


FESTEN (Thomas Vinterberg, 1998)


IDIOTERNE (Lars von Trier, 1998)


BREAKING THE WAVES (Lars von Trier, 1996)


EN LOPPE KAN OGSÅ GØ (Stellan Olsson, 1996)


RIGET 4 afs. (Lars von Trier. 1992)


EUROPA (Lars von Trier, 1991)


MORD I PARADIS (Sune Lund-Sørensen, 1988)